Why Choose Oritsetimeyin Logistics

OLL provides logistics management and services to specialized industries and bulk traders in the construction, Oil and Gas Midstream and Downstream, and on project haulage basis. OLL offers services such as Warehousing, Transportation Management, Project Logistics, and Consultancy on Logistics Solutions. 

Seasoned Professionals
Our Staff are ferociously committed to the satisfaction of our clients. With cumulative industry experience spanning 20 years, we are uniquely positioned to deliver on all your expectations. OLL people are the experts.
Integrity & Trust
Integrity, Trust and Professionalism are not just buzz words at OLL. They form the core of our value system. Our numerous clients have come to rely on these values to deliver on their various expectations.
Our Services
With world-class facilities at Agbara, Ogun State and other major cities in Nigeria, OLL offers time value experience.
OLL has a core of dedicated staff, drivers and operators with good knowledge of safe routes for timely and cost efficient...
Project Logistics
OLL takes the heat of you by meeting all compliance and documentary obligations on your behalf. So, where movement of goods...
The vast experience of our group and parent have been deployed in many instances to ensure that our clients don’t get the short end...